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Your excursions to Cala Gonone from the Hotel

Between the sea of the Gulf and the mountains of Dorgali

From Cala Gonone you can live the real Sardinia: the heavenly sea of the Gulf of Orosei and the mountains of the Dorgali area. In a few kilometres you will find the true and only essence of the island.
The sea of the Gulf of Orosei is bordered to the north by the Punta Nera and to the south by the Cape of Monte Santo. The southern part of the Gulf, to which the village of Cala Gonone belongs, is characterized by a high chain of limestone mountains, covered by forests and Mediterranean scrub. The walls overlooking the water are bordered by white bays and blue sea
Behind Cala Gonone, Mount Irveri protects the country from the north, joining the chain of Mount Bardia and Mount Tului and creating a large natural amphitheatre that has remained isolated from the hinterland thanks to the high rock bastions, which have made it inaccessible for centuries.
The total lack of urban settlements and coastal roads makes this coast one of the most interesting from a naturalistic and environmental point of view. No less interesting is the Supramonte, with its highly evocative natural monuments such as the Gorge of Gorroppu, among the highest and most extensive canyons in Europe, the mysterious Tiscali nuragic village, the plateau of Doinanicoro, a 3 km2 karst plateau at an elevation of 300 m.
This mountain area is one of the hikers’ temples for trekking, flora and wildlife. The mild and temperate climate for most of the year makes the territory of Dorgali a true paradise for lovers of sports linked to nature.


Dorgali and the legend of Monte Bardia

This legend dates back to the eighth or ninth century when the territory was invaded by the Saracens, who plundered and reduced it to ruin. The coasts were full of pirates and Saracen warriors, and the maritime villages were obviously the most targeted. The inhabitants of Dorgali, a large village in the district of Nuoro, always kept a group of strong and valiant men on the crest of mount Bardia, in order to always control the movements of the Saracens. To unblock the situation, the Saracens made a false retreat. Deceived by this on a very solemn feast day, the Dorgalesi of the guard went down to the village to attend the sacred functions. The Saracens disembarked and went up the mountain, but as they were about to plunge into the village they stopped in fear. They saw an immense line of people dressed in strange garments, holding strange white sticks, crosses, clubs and flags, parading through the streets of Dorgali, walking towards the mountain. In reality it was a procession, but to the Saracens, an army of armed soldiers seemed to be preparing to pursue and disperse them. So they ran away and some were left hanging by the hairs of the mountain trees, so much so that even today it is called Saraceno. This is the legend of the mountains of Dorgali, which gives its name, in memory of this fact to one of the said points (de sa Bardia).


Discovering the most beautiful corners of the Gulf of Orosei and the Supramonte of Dorgali.

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