San Francisco Hotel’ staff is able to suggest the best itinerary or take you to discover the most beautiful places in the Gulf of Orosei and Dorgali Supramonte’s.   Starting from the famous bays, which are reachable by boat or by long high level of trekking, such as Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzè, or the fascinating inland routes as the Canyon of Gorroppu or the nuragic village of Tiscali and Serra Orrios.  In addition, horse excursion or horse riding lessons in the nearby Supramonte for an open-air natural day trip.  Deep knowledge of the territory and an agreement with expert’s local guides, allow us to offer tailor made escursion for schools and senior tours.


Beautiful and simple excursion, the sheepfold is situated in the upper part of Cala Gonone, between natural smells and colours, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful view of Gulf of Orosei.  This excursion it is complimentary for our guests who stays more than 7 nights.  COMPLIMENTARY EXCURSION.


It is a small mountain, about 500 metres tall, inside the Lanaitho Valley’s.  Here, there are the ruins of a mysterious village, built in the Nuragic historical period (XV/XIV – IX/VIII b.c.) and inhabited till the Roman historical period (II/I d.c.).  Millions of years ago, before it was inhabited, due to an earth adjustment the vault collapsed creating a huge crater.  Inside this crater, small round cots, made of stones and wood trunk, were built.  The site, mysterious and fascinating was, probably used as a shelter and due to its position, today still difficult to reach to someone who does not know the way.  We organize excursion e guided tours to discover one of the most appealing archeological site of Sardinia and the only one, which is built inside a cave.


It is one of the biggest canyon of Europe, with cliff face that can reach nearly 500 meters of height.  The Flumineddu river, which flow over the centuries inside the canyon and when heavy rain falls it raises filling the canyon, has modelled the stones as limestone sphere. Furthermore, this wild area, uncontaminated and natural, set inside the mountain, with tall cliff face, offers shelter for eagles and buzzards.  The trekking tour, organized by us, is one of the most fascinating.   The majesty of the canyon and the stones, will leave you with an unforgettable adventure.


It is one of the most appealing excursion that we organize because of its rich plan.  The peak of the mountain can be admired reaching “Scala Pradu” at 1200mt by four-wheel drive.  From here a wide landscape can be admired and a view from the top to see nearly half of Sardinia.  A visit to “Su Gologone” will follow, which is the biggest source of karst origin in Sardinia and after that the “Lanaitho” valley, with its archeological and natural monuments, make it one the most and beautiful valleys of the area.  Another interesting attraction is the nuragic village of “Sedda Sos Carros” where a holy fountain with nine heads of ram carved in the stone has been found, a piece unique in all the Mediterranean basin.  After a brief walk, the “sa oche” cave can be reached, where inside, an underground river flows and after heavy rain a thunderous rumble can be heard “the voice” indeed, as to warn the locals of the immediate flooding of the valley.  Nearby there are the sheepfold, where the shepherd prepare the meals with locals products, such as cured meats, different types of cheese, sausages, spit roasted pork, vegetables, fruit, water and coffee.  Cannonau wine and “file e ferru” digestif will make this day an unforgettable and unique day.


The “Supramonte of Orgosolo” is one of the most mysterious location of Sardinia.  A particular place to be visited is “Monte Novo San Giovanni” which is a must stop-over.  In fact, Monte Noto San Giovanni, is a unique wedge of karst origin, which stands out against the nearby mountains and from the top of its 1316 mt, all the mountainous “Supramonte” up to the “Gennargentu” can be admired.  Because of its majesty territory, the quietness and thickness of the forest, it is one of the preferred oasis for eagles, wild boar and muflon.  It often happens to catch the sight of flying eagles or mouflon and wild boar grazing peacefully.  Another main attraction of the area is meal with the shepherds.   Reached the “Su Vadu e S’Enis” location the shepherds, inside their traditional “pinnettos” will prepare a tasty meal with locals product such as meat, cheese and local bread toghether with the strong cannonau wine.  In the afternoon, there will be a visit in the village of Orgosolo to admire the “murales” which are paintings on the street houses, made on purpose to show the aversion to some obligation by the national government.

Trekking to Scala Pradu a Punta Corrasi and Sa Vadde de Sas Mandras.

The trekking to Punta Corrasi is an enjoable walk for who those who loves the silence of the mountain and the majesty of the nature.  Punta Corrasi is the highest of the mountain of the Supramonte and from its 1463mt of height, a big part of Sardinia can be seen, hills, valleys and mountains up to the sea of the Gulf of Orosei and the summit of the Gennargentu.

Additionally, the mountains range is well known for its botanical and naturalistic items.  Apart from eagles and mouflon, there are many endemic plants, medicines original from the Supramonte.

Furthermore, the colors of the spontaneous plants such as lilies, peonies, bluebells, cyclamens and orchids nestle in the white and grey rocks, make the trekking to Corrasi one of the most fascinating of Sardinia.

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